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Typically an appointment lasts about an hour, although the initial consultation is slightly longer as we discuss presenting health and aims for the treatment. Only footwear needs to be removed each session, but wearing loose comfortable clothing is a good idea. After treatment your feet will be wrapped in soft warm towels and you will be left to rest peacefully for a short while. After the session you are welcome to spend time in the gardens to relax.The treatments are holistic, where mind and body are treated as a whole responding in detail to areas as required. This enables each session to be tailored to your own specific needs allowing your body to respond at its own pace. You may just want a one-off treat, or a course of treatments if appropriate.

In the warmer months, treatments are offered in the peaceful gardens which now open under the National Garden Scheme. Gardens have a tradition of being healing, spiritual sanctuaries. These tranquil green oases have long been used to quell turbulent emotions and to brighten and lift the human spirit. To be in a garden oasis can be a complete antidote for our stressful modern lives, so I have created a place to relax and forget about the outside world.

For cooler days we stay in the peaceful retreat therapy room of my old cottage where you spend your time in total relaxation and comfort.

For 24 hours following treatment it is advisable to drink plenty of fresh water, avoid strenuous exercise, tea, coffee and alcohol. Very occasionally there can be tiredness or even a slight recurrence of a symptom, but this is short-lived and part of the healing process.

If you are receiving treatment from your doctor or specialist it is suggested they be informed of reflexology treatments as absorption rates of some drugs may be affected. It is imperative that all prescriptive medication is continued under your doctor's supervision.

All my clients I treat with the utmost respect, compassion and confidentiality.


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